I am a coffee admirer, and would like to be a member of the Coffee Snob Club, and broaden my coffee horizons?

Let's start you on that journey. Sign up for a membership plan by clicking the "Membership Options" button on the main menu.

Watch this video for an overview of how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9od5NYAn5Cc

What's included in a membership?

As a member, each month you will receive a package with the coffee of the month, along with some insight into the specific roast and the expert that made it. You also receive some of the finest coffee-infused chocolate from our expert chocolatier, and some of the most mind blowing biscottis, rusks and other baked goods from our specialist bakery, to enjoy with your coffee.

How much will that get me?

  • One bag/box of coffee from a great local roastery will firstly bring you an endless amount of smiles, but also roughly 30-35 cups of coffee.
  • A portion of biscottis / rusks / other baked goods from our expert bakery - The Fat Rabbit. Enough to keep you dunking away.
  • A block of dark chocolate/chocolate covered coffee beans/hot chocolate from our expert chocolatier - Cocoafair

Once I become a member, when can I expect my first delivery?

Once you become a member, you can expect your first delivery within 5 working days, there after you will receive your monthly deliveries between the 20th and the 30th of each month.

Why 10 working days after I become a member?

You must remember that we have a special team giving extra love and care to each member. Once we have you on our membership list, each month will be consistently between the 20th and 30th of each month.

Where does the Coffee Snob Club deliver to?

We deliver to all areas within South Africa.

I am a roastery in South Africa, and would like to be a part of the roastery community at the Coffee Snob Club?

Great! Please just drop us a line by clicking the "Contact Us" tab on the left of the screen and we will be in contact to get you on board, or contact us at info@thecoffeesnobclub.com.

Do you think kangaroos are cool animals?

They pretty cool, I suppose. They got that pouch to hide things in.

Can I sign up on behalf of someone else as a gift?

Definitely! A membership to the Coffee Snob Club is the gift that keeps on giving.

Signing up a loved one for a membership is a great way to show them your love months after they've stopped celebrating. Signing up that special person as a Honorary Member, means they keep getting gifts long after that special day has passed.

Simply enter all their details as well as their delivery address.

What is the Coffee Snob Hub?

This is our local online market place where we offer all our great roasteries and artisan's products. Pick and choose what you love and we'll deliver it straight to your door. Think of it as the Takealot.com for a coffee fanatic! ;)

Question not covered in the FAQ's?

Please don't be shy to drop us a line by clicking the 'Contact Us' tab on the left of the screen or email us at info@thecoffeesnobclub.com.